BAFTA- Chasse à l'autogrpahe [136-147]



Here I 'm back with my first BAFTA experience to tell you.


In end December, one French « friend » autographs collector took contact with me to make me a special offer.

He suggested that we should go in London during the bafta week-end. He also suggested that we should try to go at the bafta after party.


So, as the hotel would cost a lot and as I thought I wasn't on holiday at that time, I didn't dare to accept straight away. But, I saw some special offers on eurostar for these dates. So I was really hesitating a lot as I was already going to London earlier in January.


Suddenly I realized that the Bafta week-end was just at the beginning of my carnival  holiday. So I hurried up to book my train (but I lost the special offer for one of my travel). And my french contact booked the room.


I was so excited. It was a totally crazy idea...but, come on, we only live ones ! So we were going to stay in a 5 stars hotels where we would maybe cross some Bafta stars as one of the numerous parties should have taken place there.




BAFTA here we come !


My 2 French contacts and I had booked the room for only one night, the night of the Bafta. So, as I arrived in London, I stayed in my friends place for one night .

The day after was the D-Day !


E. and I had an appointment at the hotel. We arrived and made our check-in. I just couldn't believe I was staying in a such nice and smart hotel.


We let our luggage in the room and then we left the hotel to go the theater as E wanted to see and get an autograph from John Lithgow. We waited outside the theater, next to the stage door during one hour maybe more (don't remember well). And then, very nicely , very friendly, he came out and accepted to make picture and sign autograph for everybody.

It was round 5 or 6pm...



John Lithgow (How I met your your mother, Donne moi ta main, Confessions d'une accro au shopping, Prejudice, The Pelican Brief, Cliffhanger, The Day after, ...)


Then, it was time for us to go back to the hotel in order to meet our other French collector.


We went to the room to get dressed. We had planned to be dressed in a very smart way as it's a very huge ceremony. But, later on, we'll notice that it was useless. Never mind, it as was great doing it like this as we could feel like VIP as well ;)


I don't remember well what time it was, I think it might have been round 8pm, we went out of or room to have a look at the reception to see what was going on...when we suddenly saw a crew waiting behind a kind of cordon barrier. We were very surprised, it was not in our plan. Moreover, we couldn't see the Dutch collector who was our « landmark » to follow and observe.


This Dutch collector is the guy thanks to whom we could find where the party would happen, in which hotel to go and so on. So we decided to wait with all the other, next to the cordon barrier. But as we were not the first, we didn't get a very good place. Then the waiting time started.


A few hours later, the stars appeared. Everybody was going mad. People behind us were pushing which was really annoying me as I was on high heels (which I'm not used to). It was also freezing as it was raining cats and dogs outside.


But, at least we saw all this V.I.P. It started with KEVIN SPACEY! Well, I didn't get anything from him but I saw him which is yet "Enorme". It was the same for a lot of stars.


I also saw and got the autograph of the very sexy BRADLEY COOPER but I am very very very disappointed and "disgusted" as I didn't get my photo. My French contact just next to me (who already had a photo with him) asked him for it. He got his photo and then I got nothing. I thought that my "friend" could have given my priority that time...so I can't hide that I was a bit...no, a lot...disgusted :(






We saw many stars but didn't get any pictures of autographs from most of them.


So, I saw the very sexiest GEORGE CLOONEY! I just can't believe it! I saw GEORGE! Come on guys! It's crazy! I missed the sexy Ben Affleck as he arrived in the same time as George...and as my eyes were watching at George, I didn't notice Ben Affleck...Shame on me :(






Actually I was very disappointed about my Bafta experience because I didn't get many autograph nor pictures. But, I think it's because we didn't do it on the right way. Later on the evening, when all the stars had arrived, we saw the Dutch guys and his friend. I spoke a little bit to him.


Then, while we were waiting at the reception...I noticed a man...I wasn't sure but nearly...I told my French contact that I thought TIM ROTH was there. Indeed, it was him!

Ah ah ah! Tim Roth, the one to whom I spoke in Brussels and who refused to make a picture because he was filming...So, we joined him outside and asked him. He accepted to give an autograph but refused the picture. I don't know why he refused...maybe because his wife was there. But I know he accepted for the Dutch Guy...GGgggrrrr ;) Anyway, I'm very happy about my autograph as I Belgium I didn't get anything.


The waiting time started again. We waited for the stars coming out. A few hours later, they started coming out. And, at that time, the crew was away. We thought it would have been easier. But, no...

Unfortunately one of us was so excited and so stressed when Anne Hathaway came out, that he was too close to her, too insisting and so the security started to be annoyed and put the cordon barrier back. It's also at that time that I started to have little trouble with the Dutch guys. He came to me to tell me in Dutch that my "friend" should calm down...I told the Dutch guy that I would tell him. So I told my French contact what happened. But as I, he was a bit annoyed that the guy didn't dare to tell him straight away.


The thing is that my "friend" did it again a bit later on. I understand his "over reaction". It happened with TARANTINO! Quentin Tarantino arrived! I was so excited, so happy...I wanted a picture but he refused to make any photo and his agent told us off. We started to follow him outside. But the agent told me not to insist which I did. My "friend" didn't and continued to insist...I understand him...because I whish I would have insisted a bit more...But ...So He got an autograph from Quentin Tarantino. Personally, I didn't ask for it as I got one a few weeks before. BUT, Tarantino took my hand and shakes hands with me! So, I'm quite happy about it! Even if I'm disappointed not have had a picture. Come on! I shake hands with Tarantino!


But then, the Dutch guy came back to me and very aggressively told me to ask my French friend to calm down. I explained him that we were just "contacts" not real "friends" and so, I just couldn't force him to do so or so...But the Dutch guy was really insisting and telling me I should'nt have brought him here ...and that now, the next years would be different... I wanted to tell him that he should also think about HIM! After all, HE is the one who gave all the information about the hotel etc...he shouldn't put this kind of information on his blog...And so, he shouldn't be surprised that there are so many people ...doing it not the way he wanted.


But, I agreed with him on one point. The way "we" asked for picture and autograph was inappropriate.


We explained him later on FB, a few days after, that it was our first time and that we were very stressed and excited...but that we realized it was useless...we apologized for it.


But do you think HE would have understood and say "Ok guys". No...so, come on...If you can't make a little effort to understand people...Moreover I'm sure that for his first Bafta he was probably in the same state of excitation as us... 


So this it! A first disappointing Bafta experience. I'm not sure at all if I'll do it again. I'll see next year. If my boyfriend comes with me, then I might do it again...but if not...I'll think about it twice.


Hereunder, a list of all the VIP I was lucky to see...


George Clooney,

(Ben Affleck),

 Quentin Tarantino, (shake hands)

Amy Adams, (photo and autograph)

 Javier Bardem,

 Joaquin Phoenix,

 Bradley Cooper, (autograph)

 Chris Tucker, (photo and autograph)

Anne Hathaway,

 Samuel L. Jackson,

 Marion Cotillard, (very very bad autograph)

Sarah Jessica Parker, (autograph)

 Ben Whishaw, (photo and autograph)

 Helen Mirren,

 Damian Lewis,

Mark Strong,

Tim Burton,

Helena Bonham Carter,

 Ang Lee,

 Martin Freeman,

 Kevin Spacey,

 Tim Roth, (autograph)

 Christoph Waltz,

 Jeremy Renner,

Gemma Aterton,

 Jessica Chastain, (photo and autograph)

Simon Pegg, (photo and autograph)

Juno Temple,

Tom Hooper (photo and autograph)

Matthias Schoenaerts (photo and autograph)




Ben Wishaw, adorable (Le Parfum , Skyfall...)


Chris Tucker, ultra cool, ultra sympa et gentil (Rush Hour 1,2,3, Jackie Brown, Le 5eme élément...)


Tom Hooper (réalisteur: King's Speech, Les Misérables)


Simon Pegg (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead , Mission Impossible 3, The World's End, Star Trek...)


Dexter Fletcher (Acteur, Réa, Scéna: Hotel babylon (Tv), Jack Falls, Baseline, Miami Vice...)


Amy Adams (Man of Steel, On the road, The Master, Julie & Julia...)


Sarah Silverman (Tv: The good wife, Monk, ...)


Our national beauty: Matthias Schoenaerts (Rundskop, De rouille et d'Os, Loft...)






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