Django Unchained London Première [133, 134]

How did my "Tarantinous" adventure start?


Well it started a few months ago when I saw on a website that there would be a London première in January for the new Tarantino's movie (Django Unchained). So...I thought: " Oh my God, shit...It's just after my holidays!" (I'm a teacher so I can't choose the dates for holidays unfortunately). I didn't book a train straight after as the première wasn't confirmed yet. I was really hoping that the date would maybe change and would fall during the Xmas holiday (which I knew it would be quite unlikely) .


A few weeks or months later, my Xmas holidays were approaching but, I was quite lucky on one point...my sixth form (primary) pupils would not be at school the two first weeks in January as they should go in France for "ski classes". So I decided, just before Xmas holidays, to fix my temporary timetable in relationship with the possible première date. How did I do this? Well, I filled all my free hours with lessons and put all my free hours on another moment which would permit me to go to the première of  Django Unchained. So, I put free hours on the Thursday (10th January) afternoon and on the Friday morning. But I hadn't booked my eurostar yet as I was afraid that my director wouldn't agree with my changes.


The last week before Xmas holidays, I gave my new temporary timetable to my director and she didn't tell me anything about it. So, when the Xmas holidays started, I finally booked my eurostar...hoping the date of the Première wouldn't change (because it was too late for me to change again my timetable).  And I was very lucky as...two days after my reservation, the Première has been confirmed!


So, let speak now about my "Tarantinous" adventure D-Day!


A few days before the Django Unchained London Première...


Well...at the end of my Xmas holidays, I started preparing my stuff for the Django Unchained London Première. I bought a folding stool to make sure to see something in case I wouldn't be closed to the barriers. Then I prepared a huge cardboard to attract the attentions of the stars. Here below you can see a picture of my prepared stuff ;)






D-Day of Django Unchained London Première...


On Thursday 10 January, I woke up at 7am as usual to go to school (I'm a primary teacher). I didn't take my schoolbag as I usually do...No...I took my backpack and my huge cardboard protected by 2 plastic bags. Then I went to school very excited. I started my lessons, as usual, at 08:15 am and finished (not as usual) at 11:10 am.


I left school straight after my last lessons, went in a shop to buy a sandwich and a bottle of water...Then, I took the direction of Brussels South Train Station! I was feeling more and more "stressed" and excited.  When I arrived at the station, it was quite early. I did my check-in in time and then I ate my sandwich while waiting for my Eurostar. I know...this is not interesting ;)


Ok...let speak about my "Django Unchained" adventure in London, then!


I arrived in London at 14:09 pm. I was more and more stressed & excited as I didn't know if would be early enough to get a good place for autographs... But, before going to Leicester Square, I needed to charge my Oyster. I did so and took the Piccadilly line in direction of Heathrow. I stopped in Leicester square and arrived in front of the Empire cinema. I was very surprised as I saw not so many people. I felt so happy and distressed when I discovered that I was going to be closed to the barriers! So, I chose my place. I had recognized a few heads which helped me to choose my place. I got a second row place which wasn't as bad as I would thought while booking my train.  It was round 14:30pm while I found my Django Unchained première place ;)







Then...waiting time started for me. I spoke a lot with the friendly people waiting next to me. One woman was very friendly with me. I also spoke with a man that I saw on the Total Recall London Première...also a nice guy. Both of them told me that with my "pretty" cardboard I would probably get a good chance for autographs.


It was more and more freezing and I started regretting not having taken any gloves...But, never mind...when the crew would arrive, I would be warmer (I hoped so). The organization team started to fix the posters on the barriers...don't know exactly what time it was...I suppose it was between 03:00 and 04:00 pm. Then, a bit later on...I guessed between 04:00 and 05:00 pm, the (non) Red Carpet arrived !





Ah ah! I love this moment! I really enjoy discovering the Carpet...Is it Red or not? It's always a "big" question, lol. And... and...the Carpet is... (Imagine a suspense music ON)...the Carpet is...(Music of thriller is ON)...The Carpet is WHITE ! The Carpet is white BUT with a beautiful picture of the Django Unchained official poster! I really found it nice!







Well...the carpet was being fixed on the ground and the time was passing slowly...untill the journalists finally arrived. I think it was round 05:00 pm. We started watching the journalists women training themselves on the Carpet...and OMG, they were wearing top with no sleeves... "OMG was I thinking, how can they support this fucking English Freezing cold" ! But hey hey, I guess, it's the price of "celebrity", it's part of their job!  But, I admire them because I could never be dressed like this while it's so freezing!






Round 05:30pm we were all more and more excited as the T-Time was approaching...More and more journalists were there...TV was on and my new friends were telling me "show them your board". So, one TV came to me and started interviewing me...I don't have any idea of which TV it was...and, I have to say, that it might be better like this...as I told crap stuff...but come on, I wasn't hearing what she was asking me (well, I heard it badly) and it was freezing so...my brain couldn't think well, lol. But, from my good memory, I told her that my board was saying I was from Belgium and that I wanted some autographs. Then, she asked me what was my favourite Tarantino's movie. I answered "Inglorious Basterds and Pulp Fiction"...but, actually...I have to say it was difficult to choose as I Love all Tarantino's movies!


Finally...It's between 06:15 & 06:30pm that the Stars of Django Unchained arrived! It was so exciting...I couldn't make any picture of it, everybody was pushing behind me...So, I filmed it but you won't see the stars on my first video...as my camera fell...but you can hear the atmosphere! And I like it so much this special unspeakable atmosphere ;)


The first stars who came on our side was CHRISTOPH WALTZ. He is so nice! He posed a little bit in front of the photographers and then he came to the crew and started signing autographs...I think he signed to everybody! Ok, it's not a proper signature, it's only initials but...he did it for everybody. I even got 2 autographs from him! I was so happy because I really like him a lot! I discovered him in Inglorious Basterds and I think he plays really well! So, I'm very proud and happy to have his autograph!







Then, Kerry Washington started posing in front of us...as we were opposite the photographers. She had a beautiful dress. But, she didn't come on our side to sign autographs...I was a little bit disappointed...but not that much as my real goal was to get an autograph from Tarantino & Christoph Waltz.






Then , I don't remember well who came first...I only can say this:


Jamie Foxx came on our side, signed a few autograph. He had my cardboard under his nose but didn't sign it...of course, I was disappointed but, as I told you a few lines above...I was not that much disappointed as I was there especially for Quentin Tarantino & Christoph Waltz.






Concerning Samuel L Jackson, I saw him posing shortly with Kerry Washington and Jami Foxx and then...disappeared. He didn't came on our side. Well...you know what I'm gonna say...never mind unless I got the two I was coming for.







AND...finally...Here HE came! QUENTIN TARANTINO arrived on our side! And, just like Christoph Waltz did, Quentin Tarantino stopped to everybody and signed autographs to everybody...same for me! I just couldn't believe it! I got an autograph from Mister Tarantino! Oh My God! I did it! Well...I didn't get any picture with him but  nobody did...So, now, I can say...Dreams come true! I met, I mean...I saw my favorite movie director: Quentin Tarantino!  He came back later on to us...because he hadn't pose yet in front of the photographers. So, he went back in front of us, started to pose...and, as we were shouting his name, he ran and nearly "jumped" on the barrier to make a nice picture with us! I think this moment is my best souvenir of the day!




And that's it! Then, all of them went on the podium to answer a few questions before going inside. That's the end! I decided not wait longer as I was freezing and as I saw the car parked just in front of the cinema's entrance...


I went back "home" to my friends with unbelievable good memories of Django Unchained London Première!


PS: For those who would ask me the question I've been asked in London...Why didn't I go to the Première in Paris? The answer is "easy"! The London première are much more well organized. People are queuing without pushing everybody, people are respectful of everybody, people are very friendly...and, anyway, I'm in love with UK (I lived 7months in UK 14years ago).


Little anecdote:

The day after, I had to wake up at 05:00 am as my eurostar was on 06:50am. My friend, Natasha, had booked a taxi for me at 05:45. So, I woke up straight away as I didn't sleep well (too much excitation I guess). So I was waiting for the taxi outside a few minutes before 05:45am. But then, I saw the time passing and no taxi coming.


I started to be more and more stressed. Finally the taxi arrived at 05:50 - 05:55. I asked him how long it would take to arrive at King'Cross. He answered me : "20minutes". We were on our way while a police car started to follow us and "asked" us to stop. I thought "OMG, no , it's not gonna happen to me". The policeman came and told the taxi driver he burnt a traffic light and was driving too fast. My driver started to answer him it was untrue and he was more and more nervous. So, I told the policeman I had to check in for my eurostar in 10 minutes. The policeman answered me he would do his best to do the control as fast as possible. After a few minutes he came back telling the driver he was not on the official list of the drivers for that car. I started to panic ... I couldn't believe it. The two men started to get more and more nervous. The policeman told the driver to be less...be more respectful or he would take him a point off. I just wanted to tell my driver "shut up man". Then, I repeated to them that I was going to miss my eurostar. The policeman answered me much more nervously "Miss, I can't let him go without the insurance problem fixed". I was shocked and in panic but couldn't do anything except waiting and "pray".


Finally, my driver calmed down and the policeman let us go. I arrived just in time to take buy a breakfast and go in my train!


I arrived in Brussels at 10:11am, went back home, changed my clothes and went back to work...

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Belle aventure miss ;)
haha, comme ton PS est vrai de vrai!

Écrit par : maudeke | 12/01/2013

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Awesome adventure Babs !!!

Great PS by the way !! So spot on !!!

Écrit par : Laetitia | 13/01/2013

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i was there witch is the title of the background music? Thanks! :)

Écrit par : sasy | 15/01/2013

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i was there witch is the title of the background music? Thanks! :)

Écrit par : sasy | 15/01/2013

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Nice movie .. tarantino is just amazing.

See you !

Écrit par : http://www.france-psychologie.fr | 01/04/2013

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